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Kristin Beasley, PhD

"As a Clinical Psychologist, I was a skeptic. Hypnotherapy had never crossed my path until I met Ginger, and let me just say working with her has been transformational. I even have done a private retreat at Asarum and it was extremely life changing for me in so many ways. I highly recommend her services."


Gene Dongieux - Ariadne Wealth Management

"With years of experience in dream work, Dr. Ginger Swanson’s insight and intuition are unparalleled. For me particularly, revelations into my familial relationships have been especially insightful and productive. The depth and breadth of Ginger’s expertise -- I cannot give her a higher endorsement."

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Eva Rider – MA LMFT

“Ginger Swanson’s Soul Tending Retreat provides a temenos (sacred space) where dreams can take root and become alive as guides in our life. Her deep dream and soul tending work is enriched by the tenderness, hospitality and beauty she provides for renewal of body, soul and spirit in the gorgeous Asarum Retreat Center.”

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Grant Scott - Producer

"I consider myself very fortunate to have connected with Dr. Ginger Swanson, who introduced me to the term 'dream tending'. Dr Swanson expertly captured, reflected and revealed this information to me through a fascinating and incredibly intuitive process.  I highly recommend anyone on the path to healing and self transformation to take a dream tending session with Ginger, she is simply amazing."
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Leah Metz - Human Resource Specialist

“The dreamscape work I did with Ginger was some of the most profound therapy I have experienced. There is so much potential for growth, understanding, and inner peace in those sub-conscious ramblings that we rarely pay attention too.Ginger Swanson has a unique ability to meet you at your deepest, unexplored spaces within yourself and with care and skill, guide you through the unfamiliar or uncomfortable landscape to finding self-love and kindness. Ginger is the utmost professional, I trust her completely and I grew immensely from work together. Forever grateful."

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Juliet Rohde-Brown, Ph.D.

"I am a board member of a non-profit organization called Restorative Justice Resource Center (RJRC).- We enlisted Dr. Ginger Swanson to facilitate a board retreat for us. I cannot come up with enough words to express how impressed I was with Ginger’s leadership and skill. She is that rare kind of individual who can blend diverse qualities of creativity with a keen intellect and with extraordinary interpersonal skills. I highly recommend that you consider Ginger for the facilitation of any kind of personal or professional retreat in either an individual or group format. She is nothing less than masterful.”

Amy Sousa, M.A.- Theater Director

"I am so grateful for Dr. Swanson's dissertation clinic retreat! I arrived at the retreat midway through my dissertation process feeling pretty overwhelmed, unsure if I would ever finish. I am so glad I decided to go! At the retreat I received one on one editing help, conceptual feedback, plus counseling on how to manage institutional challenges such as how to better utilize and communicate with my committee. But the most valuable thing about the retreat was giving myself the gift of uninterrupted solitude to write. The grounds were expansive and beautiful and allowed for quiet walks and reflections in nature. I left the retreat feeling more clear and confident about my work than ever before."

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Christine Casey Logsdon – Author 

" I can't say enough about Ginger's expertise in her field; via "dream tending," she facilitated a breakthrough for me that had haunted and limited me for 40 years. The retreat site is, in its own right, worth almost any price. A peaceful mountain retreat, with nature all around and ample space for all participants to express themselves and explore both internally and externally, it soothed my noisy mind and left me craving the joy of a good book and a quiet afternoon absent the modern interruptions of our typical, 21st-century days. Go. That's my recommendation. Ginger's dream-tending retreats are not to be missed".


Sammie Krasnow

 “My stay at Ginger Swanson’s Asarum was truly soul nourishing. It really felt like I’d arrived at a bit of paradise. Ginger was incredibly gracious in helping me manage medical issues as well as others—she is a person who recognizes genuine need and responded to my need with a grace that has left me deeply grateful.Ginger’s Retreat was the perfect place to find quiet time and space to reflect and create. It’s the kind of place I wished I could just move in and never leave—and for me, personally, the stay was transformative. I’m sure I will go back."

Purple Flower

Rev. Renee F. Geiger

"Ginger is a gifted and gentle companion in helping others make this journey and lifting the veil of preconceptions about ourselves and the world.  She facilitates the process of healing.  Ginger has the ability to cherish our fragile dreams, while giving us the tools to hold conversations with our inner selves.  My experience was one of deep release and finally experiencing words like grace, “being”, and peace—words that I have used daily in my ministry, but with only a surface understanding of what this wholeness can feel like.  For that I am grateful to Ginger."

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