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Dr Ginger Swanson Santa Barbara Therapist Hypnotherapy Dream Tender Depth Psychology


Sometimes life's situations and transitions are challenging, especially

when we are not aligned with our inner calling.

Dr Ginger Swanson Santa Barbara Therapist Hypnotherapy Dream Tender Depth Psychology

You may still be trying to find out just where you belong in life; or, you may feel you have fallen out of alignment somewhere along the line without even realizing it. This is easy to do especially in today's world. It's important to pause and take a good honest look at our life and to listen to our soul's calling.  Dr. Ginger Swanson can help to focus and align your energy creating the way for you to live a more peaceful and satisfying life.


Dr. Ginger will work with you to explore and manage underlying issues and concerns causing feelings of dissonance in your work, relationships, and life. She will help you to identify and realign with your soul's calling so you may live a more joyful and authentic life, in harmony with yourself and others.

Dr. Ginger Swanson engages with the theories and teachings of Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Sabina Spielrein, James Hillman, Stephen Aizenstat, and others.


Dr Ginger also engages in ancestral practices to assist you on your healing path.

Asarum Retreats Dr Ginger Swanson Santa Barbara Therapist Hypnotherapy Dream Tender Depth Psychology

Dr. Ginger's Methods Include

(but are not limited to):

Talk Therapy

Talk Therapy is derived from Sigmund Freud, one of the founders of depth psychology, who coined “psychoanalysis” in the early 19th century. It is a process of investigating the conscious and unconscious mind. By engaging in talk therapy, underlying motives and drives may be brought to the surface where they can be acknowledged and addressed.


In hypnosis, Dr. Ginger explores the stories of your life with you, and co-creates scripts with suggestions for healthy lifestyle changes. These scripts come in the form of mantras, affirmations, and recorded messages. The idea is to repeat the suggested behaviors and healing thoughts over and over again, so they register in the unconscious mind. These thoughts and healthy healing ideas are key to changing false beliefs, which can free you from old and unwanted patterns, creating more space for joy and peace in your life.

Dream Tending

Dream Tending serves as a vehicle to the unconscious. Upon delving into the unconscious via the dream portal, ancestral influences, psychological motives, and emotional drives may be revealed. Once brought to the surface, the underlying issues and concerns can be understood, addressed and, hopefully, healed.

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