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What is Hypnotherapy?

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural relaxed state of mind. In this relaxed state of mind unconscious beliefs can be brought to consciousness where they can be released, transformed, and healed.


Hypnosis is also a state of mind where selective thinking, or focused concentration, is maintained while the gatekeeper, to the unconscious mind is relaxed—this inner voice, also known as the critical faculty, is quieted so new suggestions can be received and embraced.

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How does Hypnotherapy work?

In hypnotherapy, Dr. Ginger explores the stories of your life with you and co-creates scripts with suggestions for healthy lifestyle changes. These scripts come in the form of mantras, affirmations, and recorded messages. The idea is to repeat the suggested behaviors and healing thoughts over and over again, so they register in the unconscious mind. These thoughts and healthy healing ideas are key to changing false beliefs stored in the unconscious mindand can free you from old and unwanted patterns, creating more space for joy and peace in your life.

Until we dive in and discover the underlying beliefs that drive our actions, our attempts at success may fail. This is not due to a lack of desire, but because of deeply held beliefs in our unconscious mind. It takes work and courage to bring these beliefs to consciousness; and once we do, we can transform our lives, and be set free—free of unwanted patterns and false beliefs, and free to soar and reach our potential.

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The conscious mind is the home of our logical thinking; it is where the ego resides. The word ego is used in a positive sense here; it’s the part of our mind that takes care of business—a healthy ego guides us to get out of bed, brush our teeth, get to work, and pay the bills. It takes a healthy ego to show up for life!


The unconscious mind (aka subconscious mind) is where beliefs are planted and stored, for better or worse. It is the seat of our emotions and the master driver of our actions. It is also the home of our creative intelligence. It’s a memory storage space—responsible for holding our beliefs regardless of if they are harmful or helpful. Hypnosis can help to dispel harmful beliefs.

The super-conscious mind is the part of our mind we access when we are in what many athletes refer to as “the zone.” It’s the part of our mind that is at the helm when everything is smooth and effortless. It is the primordial problem solver, best described as our higher intelligence. It is also where we honor intuition, love, forgiveness, healing, peace, and grace.


Why Do We Engage in Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy can be the key to releasing and transforming unwanted feelings and false beliefs, which helps us get into “the zone” much more often in life! This is where joy, peace, and ease reside; it is where we are when our soul is content.