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Asarum Retreats 2022 Dr Ginger Swanson Santa Barbara California


Explore the Path of Soul Tending and Breathe Life Back into Your Dreams

Are you searching for your life's purpose?  Do you hear your soul's voice?

Do you need a safe, tranquil, nourishing environment in which to learn and reflect?

Dr. Ginger Swanson supports you through all the stages of your journey. 


Dr Ginger Swanson Santa Barbara Therapist Hypnotherapy Dream Tender
Dr Ginger Swanson Santa Barbara Therapist Hypnotherapy Dream Tender Depth Psychology
Dr Ginger Swanson Santa Barbara Therapist Hypnotherapy Dream Tender Depth Psychology

Client Sessions


Private Retreats

Dr. Ginger Swanson supports clients in the following areas:

  • Navigate through the Dying Process of a Loved One

  • Clear Blocks and Free Creative Energy

  • Support and Nurture Your Creative Endeavors

  • Compassionately Address Infidelity Issues and Move through the Complexities of a Triadic Relationship

  • Move through Life, Career, and Relationship Transitions

  • Navigate through Betrayal to Empowerment

  • Navigate through Depressive Moods and Cycles

  • Provide Integrative Support for Psychedelic Experiences

  • Provide Business and Academic Support 

Hypnosis is a natural relaxed state of mind. In hypnosis, limiting and detrimental beliefs held in the unconscious mind can be brought to consciousness; where they can be understood and transformed, or healed and released.

In this process, selective thinking and focused concentration are maintained while the gatekeeper to the unconscious mind is relaxed, allowing healing ideas and suggestions to be received and embraced.

The results can be life-altering in myriad ways, including the discovery and recovery of lost parts of one’s soul.

Dr. Ginger Swanson works with you to develop and design your own private dream retreat just for yourself, or for your small group.


If you wish to tap into your creative energy, work on deep trauma release, discover your ancestors, or support your board of directors, all and more are welcome. Soulful work is the dominant focus.


Dr. Ginger's flexible nature allows her to serve as your host, or as your facilitator and guide. Retreat guests are nourished in the beautiful 18-acre mountain setting in Santa Barbara, California. It is a place of wonder and awakening for the heart and soul.

What is Depth Psychology?

Depth psychology is concerned with the relationship between the conscious and the unconscious mind and is foundational in the therapeutic practices of both psychoanalysis and analytical psychology. Depth psychology seeks to explore that which resides "below" and "beneath" the surface of things and works to understand the root causes underlying the symptoms or dis-eases that reside in the unconscious of the individual—and the collective.


Dr Ginger Swanson Santa Barbara Therapist Hypnotherapy Dream Tender Depth Psychology

Dr. Ginger's Private Practice

Dr. Ginger Swanson has private depth psychology and hypnotherapy practice with an office in the historical Balboa Building in downtown Santa Barbara, California. She meets with clients virtually, in person, or via phone.


Dr. Ginger works with individuals dedicated to personal growth. She guides you to tend your dreams and your life and helps you discover that which lies hidden beneath the surface of consciousness.


Dr. Ginger helps you to identify and disengage from old destructive patterns and habits, and to find and anchor new ways of being your authentic and joyful self in the world.

Initial 15-minute phone consultations are complimentary.


Juliet Rohde .png

Juliet Rohde-Brown, Ph.D.

"I am a board member of a non-profit organization called Restorative Justice Resource Center (RJRC). We enlisted Dr. Ginger Swanson to facilitate a board retreat for us. I cannot come up with enough words to express how impressed I was with Ginger’s leadership and skill. She is that rare kind of individual who can blend diverse qualities of creativity with a keen intellect and with extraordinary interpersonal skills. I highly recommend that you consider Ginger for the facilitation of any kind of personal or professional retreat in either an individual or group format. She is nothing less than masterful.”

Gene Dongieux - Ariadne Wealth Management

"With years of experience in dream work, Dr. Ginger Swanson’s insight and intuition are unparalleled. For me particularly, revelations into my familial relationships have been especially insightful and productive. The depth and breadth of Ginger’s expertise -- I cannot give her a higher endorsement."

Eva New Photo.png

Eva Rider – MA LMFT

“Ginger Swanson’s Soul Tending Retreat provides a temenos (sacred space) where dreams can take root and become alive as guides in our life. Her deep dream and soul tending work is enriched by the tenderness, hospitality and beauty she provides for renewal of body, soul and spirit.”


Dr. Ginger Swanson

735 State Street, Suite #217

Santa Barbara, California 93101


Tel: (805) 886-4716

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